Greeter & Usher Minsitry

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Kyle Nelms

Kyle Nelms is a man of excellence and intergrity. He  serves selflessly and trains others to do so as well.  He is vital to the flow of ARC's Services in all they do.  To get involved in our Usher Teams you may contact Kyle through an email or speak with him at church.

Usher Ministry

Greeting & Ushering is such a vital part of our weekly services at Atlanta Revival Center.  It is such a call of God to come and serve God's people by welcoming and caring for the needs of others.  Kyle Nelms is our Head Usher and Boyd Murphy oversees our Greeting Ministry.  Please see either of them if you desire to become involved in our Usher or Greeter Ministries!

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Boyd & Nancy Murphy

Boyd Murphy serves as Head Greeter in our Greeting Ministry. He serves wonderfully with his wife, Nancy, to encourage and welcome members and guests as they enter the foyer of ARC. If you would like to get involved in our Greeting Teams please contact Boyd by email or speak with him at church.

Greeter Ministry

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