Kids For The Kingdom

ARC has an amazing children's ministry, geared around helping children grow in a relationship with God and learning to spread His influence around the world. Come to our booth, located to the left as you come through the foyer. Our team loves to connect with parents and children alike.

Toni Hitchcock- K-5th grade Director

Toni Hitchcock- K-5th grade Director

K - 5th Grade service

Sundays -  10:15am

Wednesdays - 7pm

Ages 5 -12

Kids for the Kingdom incorporates all the elements of ministry; worship, God's word, and prayer.  We utilize a full spectrum of activities geared towards different learning styles; including crafts, skits, games, puppets, and choreographed worship dance to engage children and get them excited about God in their life. We teach and implement time for prayer and listening to God's voice.  We believe in children receiving everything God has for them.

Family Worship Service

Every first Sunday of the month, children K through 5th grade will be in service during worship with their families.


Sundays - 10:15am

Wednesdays - 7pm

Ages - 2 & younger

We are excited to love and welcome each child that comes into the nursery.  The children receive prayer and kindness from our attentive workers.  We believe in the power of prayer over each child's life. 

Lydia McGregor: Nursery Director

Lydia McGregor: Nursery Director



Sundays - 10:15am

Wednesdays - 7pm

Ages - 3 & 4

Charitable Stephens- Pre-school Director

In our pre-school ministry, we teach our 3 and 4 year olds about God's love for His creation and how we can love like God loves us!  The children have a time of worship, Bible lesson, snack, prayer/soaking and play time.


Children can fully experience God and His presence. As it's been said, there is no such thing as a junior Holy Spirit! We believe kids need first hand encounters with Jesus. That's why we offer times to soak in worship and for kids to hear from God themselves. Even though our teaching times are very important to their growth in God, Jesus speaking to them directly will leave a lasting impression. These times with their Heavenly Father will stay with them as they grow up, and they will be reminded of God's goodness.


We have 4 powerful statements that we want our kids to know. They teach kids who they are in Christ and what they are capable of as a believer. 

God is in a good mood! I will speak hope.

Jesus’ blood paid for everything! I walk in faith and supernatural power.

I am important! I have a destiny! 

Nothing is impossible, because Papa God loves me!