As an apostolic ministry, our mission is to raise up believers who are filled with the power of God, equip them to do the work of the ministry, disciple them and send them out to minister God’s love and power in the nations. 

Acts 1:8, Ephesians 4:11-13, Matthew 28:18-20

Core Values

We have 12 core values that shape us as a community and define the culture we desire to create at Atlanta Revival Center.



We value families, and we value the family of God! When we share love with each other, we are sharing God's heart. We aspire to bring heaven to the earth by showing love to God and to one another.



God is good, always and all the time! He is a good Father, and He always has good in mind when He thinks about us. If we keep the goodness of our Heavenly Father as our focus, we will be profoundly impacted in our hearts and lives as we express who He truly is.



When we have a God who loves us so much, we live a life that is full of joy and hope. Hope is the expectation that good is coming our way. That's good news! God is the God of hope, and He loves to fill us with all joy in the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13



We believe that life flows through honor. As we hold to the value of honoring others, life is released to the whole Body of Christ. Because we are sons and daughters of God, we recognize the glory of God that hads been placed in each one of us, and we are all individual expressions of who He is.



We believe that risk and faith go hand in hand. Faith is manifested as we take risks or a step out in faith. God will challenge us at times to see if our trust is truly in Him. In this, we value the reality of God's Word, and we can stand on the absolute truths in it and see God respond.



We value the Rhema Word of God that is spoken to us and through us by the Holy Spirit to encourage, exhort, edify and build up others.  God is a Father who loves to speak to His children and encourage us to believe and walk in the promises He has given us!



When we experience a grace filled life, it empowers others to thrive around us. We believe it is better to speak words of grace and love to others to help them live in their full destiny, even if they have disappointed us. 



We value the tangible, life changing presence of God.  Without His presence we can do nothing.  We long to be touched and changed in God’s presence and know Him in a deeper more intimate way!



The supernatural should be natural to every believer. We stand on God's promise that believers can lay their hands on the sick and they will recover. Our God is a miracle working God in our circumstances! 



We value the importance of evangelism to the lost and the discipleship of new believers. When we love people, they will want to know about the Jesus we serve!



Generosity is just as much about receiving from God's abundance as it is about giving. We believe that it is God's heart to walk with a generous heart towards others, and it is important to give to the mission of completing the Great Commission presented in Matthew 28:16.



We share a passion for the Word and its revealed truth. In-depth study of the Word is essential to a healthy believer's life. Reading the Bible with God is exciting, and it makes the Word come alive.